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About The ShieldMaker

Hello, my name is Tony Reed, also known as “The Shield Maker”.  For well over 15 years I have been producing shields and other wooden products for various people and organizations.  This concept started when I was on line in the Fall 1991 and my chapter (Xi Chi Akron, OH) asked our line to gift the chapter a shield.  So my line brothers (Ron Scurry and Gary Holmes) and I set out to find someone to do this for us.  We found an artist and he created a shield that was exactly what the chapter needed for all occasions.  I was so impressed with the shield; I stayed in touch with the artist to get some tips on how I could 

produce such works.  I had some general knowledge of woodwork but I knew it would take more in order to produce anything like an Omega Psi Phi shield.  But I was inspired to create a shield for myself after my brother was given a Plexiglas Omega shield and I wanted something to hang in my house.  That first shield wasn’t a masterpiece but it was something I made.  But as the years passed and more and more people wanted a shield of their own, I got better.  And as a result, I have furnished shields for brothers from South Carolina to Hawaii.

The shields that I make are completely handmade by me.   No two shields are made exactly alike and I don’t have shields sitting on the shelf waiting to be sold (my prices are a little higher because I don't mass produce anything).  All of my shields are made to your specifications and every version of the shield is available, from the earliest rendition to the latest.  All of my shields have what I call my “calling card”, an operational visor.  And although I specialize in making shields, I also make paddles, dawg heads, gold boots, Greek letters and a piece that I call “Half Man/Half Amazing”.  For the brothers that are Life Members, I have replicated the Life Member badge that includes your LM#.

Through this work it has allowed me the pleasure of making new friends from all over the US and abroad.  I hope that I can continue to keep providing happiness and pride to everyone who hangs one of my shields in their home or office.

Tony Reed, Xi Chi Fall '91

The ShieldMaker
An Approved Vendor of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

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